NAHL: Johnstown Tomahawks


The Johnstown Tomahawks are proud to be members of the greater Johnstown community and look forward to participating in many events and contributing to charitable organizations throughout the season.

Visit this section of the website regularly to learn more about where the Tomahawks have been in the community!

Season Ticket Holder Outing- Altoona Curve Game

On August 23, the Tomahawks treated their Season Ticket Holders to a night at the Altoona Curve Game! Fans were able to enjoy a baseball game with the 2014-15 Tomahawks. Tomahawk player Logan Hudson even caught a foul ball during the game!

Richland Community Days

On August 16, the Tomahawks appeared in the Richland Community Days Parade. After the parade, they held a Corn Hole Tournament. A few of the players even donated blood to the American Red Cross Blood Drive that was taken place during the festival. Richland Community Days is always a fun event for the fans to meet the new team!

Somerfest Parade

Chopper and Ice Crew members, Lindsay and Erica, walked in the Somerfest Parade that kicks off Somerfest! Somerfest is located in Somerset, PA with vendors, music, food, and plenty of fun! 

Johnstown Fire Department

On April 7, the Tomahawks players and coaches spent part of the day participating in team-building exercises.

Thanks to the Johnstown Fire Department for inviting us to come and participate.

Captain Brandon Reinholz getting all the fire gear on.


On March 3, a few Tomahawks players went to Shankville-Stonycreek to kick-off Dr. Seuss week by celebrating and reading Dr. Seuss books to students, signing autographs and taking part in special videos for the school!  

Thanks to Shankville-Stonycreek for inviting us out for a fun day!

Shane Cuckovich and Garrison Sanipass taking turns reading Dr. Seuss classics!

Jordan Watt and Joe Drabin signing autographs after reading their favorite Dr. Seuss books!

Skate with the Tomahawks

Toys for Tots

Thanks to all the fans who came out and brought a Toy for our 2nd Annual Teddy Bear Toss for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots!  We filled up the Marine's truck with 2,400 toys!


Special thanks to Precious Metals and Diamond Co. for their donation of hundreds TY Beanie Babies!

Members of Marine Wing Support Squadron 471 in front of the truck filled with Toys for Tots.

Somerset Elementary

Late December, a few Tomahawks players and Assistant Caoch Mike Letizia made their second annual trip to Somerset Elementary to visit the 5th grade classrooms to read books to, sign autographs and answer students questions.

Goalie, Alex Okicki, signing autographs for his classroom to finish his visit.

The Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Being apart of the American Eagle Ice Crew, members are asked to also help in the community at events.  This year the Tomahawks participated in the Salvations Army Bell Ringing again at the mall this year, Ice Girls and Tomahawks players all took turns in the month of November as part of their community service.

CCABH Thanksgiving Dinner

The players were invited back to this year's Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped Thanksgiving dinner.  It's always a fun event with great food, dancing, autographs, prizes and great fans!

Veterans Day Parade

The Tomahawks, American Eagle Ice Crew and Chopper all walked in this years Veterans Day Parade downtown again.  Following the game many players took in the basketball action at the War Memorial featuring Saint Francis University vs. Navy.

East Side Elementary

Tomahawks visited East Side Elementary 4th and 5th grade classrooms to just talk to students about their daily lives as Tomahawks players, their goals and how they live healthy and active lifestyles.  Players took lots of questions from students and teachers as well throughout the two day visit!

Portage Elementary Red Ribbon Week

Tomahawks players were invited by Portage Elementary to come in and talk to 4th, 5th and 6th grade about the importance of healthy, active lifestyles and what it means to be drug free!

Portage Elementary 6th Graders

Portage Elementary 4th Graders

Johnstown Halloween Parade

The American Eagle Ice Crew and Chopper represented the Tomahawks at the annual Johnstown Halloween Parade handing out candy and free game tickets to kids!  Players were unable to attend due to a home game at the exact same time! Hopefully, players will be back in it next year!

Face-Off Against Cancer

In part with Face-Off Against Cancer Weekend, Tomahawks players made their annual visits to Conemaugh Memorial Center to visit with staff and patients.

6th Annual Chef Auction

In October, veteran Tomahawks players attended the 6th Annual Our Community, Our Children Chef Auction with this years proceeds benefiting Pediatric and Teenage Trauma Prevention and Surgical Patients at the Conemaugh Memoiral Medical Center.  It was a great event that players truly enjoyed being apart of and helped raised $59,000!

Faranda Farm Harvest Fest

Players going for a Hayride at Faranda Farms


Friday, September 13 – CC. Association for the Blind and Handicapped BBQ.

Today players joined the Cambria County Association of the Blind and Handicapped for their BBQ and Carnival today! The weather was a bit rainy but players were able to enjoy the day, played some corn hole, threw darts at balloons and did other carnival themed games! Thank you to CCABH for inviting us today and can't wait to host you all on Thursday, October 24th!

Day 2: ACRP West End Catholic

Thursday, September 12 – ACRP West End Catholic

Today Jesse Kessler, Connor Gilmartin, Eric Tien, Shane Bednard and Alex Jaeckle all went to join the kids at ACRP for a fun afternoon of activities! Players went to ACRP at West End Catholic to play board games, make some crafts and also played noodle hockey with the kids participating in the program! Tomahawks would like to thank ACRP for inviting us today and we look forward to hosting ACRP and their many participants at this Sunday, September 15 Tomahawks game!

Day 3: Veteran's Museum Tour

Wednesday, September 11 – Cambria County War Memorial Veterans Museum

Today in rememberance of 9/11, the team took time this afternoon to get a tour of the Cambria County War Memoiral Veteran's Museum from Veteran and long-time Johnstown hockey supporter, Warren McKinney! This was the first time many players have actually been inside the museum located next to the arena lobby and were genuinely impressed with all the artifacts and history stored in the muesum.  Be sure to check it our for yourself if you have not yet at this weekends home games! The Tomahawks would also like to thank Warren for the tour today and all Veterans for their service to our country!

Day 4: Conemaugh Health System

Tuesday, September 10 – Conemaugh Health System

Today players went to Conemaugh Health System to visit with staff and patients, got a tour of the hospital and also did a little work in front of the camera as we shot our marketing campaign and commercials for Faceoff Against Cancer Weekend October 25-26, 2013! Doctors, Nurses, Interns and Staff all took part in today's commercial with almost the entire Tomahawks team! You can look for these commercials next month, with a few starring Mitch Hall and Eric Tien! Thank you to everyone at Conemaugh Health System for all their time today!

Day 5: Johnstown Flood Museum

Monday, September 9 – Johnstown Flood Museum

Today the team continued to Discover Johnstown as they went to the Downtown Johnstown Flood Museum!  It was the first time for many players as they walked around and received a tour from Museum Guide, Maggie, and also watched the Academy Award winning film The Johnstown Flood.  Thank you to J.A.H.A. for all their help during our 30 Days of EXPERIENCE Countdown! We look forward to hosting you for J.A.H.A. Night at the Sunday, September 15th Tomahawks home game and also can't wait to see the Stone Bridge lit in our colors that evening!

Day 6: Discover Johnstown

Sunday, September 8 – Discover Johnstown

Tomahawks continued to keep active on their weekend off. As shown earlier today, staff made it to Nana's 80th Birthday. The Boys took in some tacos at Scott's while others took a mini road trip to Altoona to get some much beloved Chipotle burritos. Jesse Kessler attended a Johnstown wedding while McCombs and Bentzel did some billet family bonding on the range. Active weekend for Tomahawks but a well deserved break away from the rink for the players and staff, back at it tomorrow as everyone gets ready for Opening Weekend!

Day 7: Discover Johnstown

Saturday, September 7 – Discover Johnstown

Our events were cancelled this weekend so players were given the weekend off and exploring Johnstown on their own all weekend. Players took in the car cruise at Quaker Steak & Lube last night along with the Penn Highlands Volleyball game. Today players hiked Wolf Rocks and others went Coal Tubin!

Day 8: Sandyvale Tree Planting with Stuver's Nursery

Friday, September 6 – Stuver’s Nursery Tree Planting

Today the whole team planted tree's at Sandyvale Cemetery with Stuver's Nursery and Lift Johnstown! We hope to make this an annual event so Tomahawks players can leave their mark in Johnstown! Thanks to Lift Johnstown and a special thanks to Tammy and Jesse Stuver for today!

Day 9: Little Sprinkles Ice Cream

Thursday, September 5 – Little Sprinkles

10 Tomahawks players were at Little Sprinkles off of Bedford Street this evening to meet fans and eat some delicious and HUGE portions of ice cream! Thanks to all the fans for coming out too night, some drove from Bedford to meet us there! A special thanks to Little Sprinkles and the two wonderful young ladies who served all the Tomahawks players and great customers who stopped by!

Day 10: Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Wednesday, September 4 – Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Today, Account Executive Katie Saylor, took Eric Tien, Shane Bednard, Alex Jaeckle, Griffin Leach and Shane Cuckovich to Alleghenies United Cerebral Pasly Foundation for the Ability Works Activity program for adult and individuals with disabilities.  The players participated in a drumming activity where the residents came up with their own rhythms and they played along with several songs.  Afterwards, they visited and had snacks (chocolate cupcakes!) with participants! Players also helped pass out pocket schedules and game tickets for the participants to join us at our Sunday, September 15th home game! Thank you to everyone at the Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy Foundation for the fun day and welcoming us today!

Day 11: Somerset Hospital Visit

Tuesday, September 3 – Somerset Hospital Visit

Today Cody Bentzel, JB Baker, Jaycob McCombs and Matt Meier all went out to Somerset Hospital to get a tour, meet staff and patients! Players had an oppotunity to showcase how they come from all across the country to play for Johnstown and explain their goals of playing collegiate hockey and to tell how much fun Tomahawks games are! Thank you Somerset Hospital staff for welcoming us to Somerset today!

Day 12: Tomahawks BBQ

Monday, September 2 – Tomahawks BBQ

Today Tomahawks players, staff and billet families got together to enjoy great games, food and to share a ton of laughs! All players were grouped up and performed skits for everyone to enjoy! It was a great day and checkout our facebook page to see more pictures and videos from the BBQ!

Day 13: Forest Hills Festival

Tomahawks could be found at the Forest Hills Labor Day Festival this weekend! We had a great time and appreciate Saint Michael Fire Company for including us in the festival!

Day 14: Ethnic Fest

Sunday, September 1 – Ethnic Fest
Chopper attended Ethnic Fest today! He got a little wet from the rain but he enjoyed dancing to all the great music and interacting with all the people there! Thanks to Holy Cross Lutheran Church for inviting Chopper to the festival!

Day 15: Log House Arts Festival

Saturday, August 31 – Log House Arts Festival  (& Forest Hills Festival)

Today Chopper made an appearance at the Log House Arts Festival!  On this VERY HOT day, Chopper walked around the festival taking pictures with attendees and hanging out with kids and taking in all the amazing crafts on display! Thank you to the Community Arts Center of Cambria County for inviting Chopper to the festival today!


Tomahawks players were also busy today.  After having a morning workout and video session, a few players were at the Forest Hills Festival helping out with the Tomahawks table meeting fans and selling raffle tickets for "Team Tomahawks" for the Light the Night Walk benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Day 16: Johnstown Children's Museum Fun Friday

Friday, August 30 – Johnstown Children’s Museum Fun Fridays

Today Jesse Kessler, Zach Wallace, Connor Gilmartin and Shane Bednard visited the Children's museum at the Heritage Discovery Center for their weekly Fun Friday series.  Players spent this warm day in the courtyard playing hockey games with the kids.  They had some organized games going on and also just let the kids have fun shooting on the players and also learning how to pass and shoot correctly! All the kids that attended also got tickets to the Tomahawks game on Sunday, September 15 thanks to J.A.H.A.! It was a great day and want to thank J.A.H.A. and all the kids that welcomed us today at the Heritage Center!

Day 17: Season Ticket Holder Deliveries

Thursday, August 29 – Season Ticket Holder Deliveries

Tomahawks players hit the roads again to delivery more tickets to all our season ticket holders! We have really enjoyed seeing all the positive feedback from our great fans about how much they have enjoyed meeting the players! More deliveries still to come!

Day 18: Season Ticket Holder Deliveries

Wednesday, August 28 – Season Ticket Holder Deliveries

Players were back on the roads today delivering tickets to our Season Ticket Holders! Our professionally made Full-Season Ticket Holder books arrived this morning so interns and staff worked hard to get books sorted for the players to leave the War Memorial at 3 p.m. to start deliveries! Players will be back at it tomorrow again after a full morning of practice and working out!

We'll be posting more pictures on our Twitter Page (@Johnstownhawks) as players send them to us!

Day 19: Season Ticket Holder Deliveries

Tuesday, August 27 – Season Ticket Holder Deliveries

Today marked the first day for Tomahawks Season Ticket Holder deliveries! Players surprised fans by delivering tickets in person today and they will be doing more tomorrow and on Thursday to delivery as many Season Tickets as possible! 9 cars of players drove away from the War Memorial just after 3 p.m. today going to towns like Windber, Richland, Geistown, Blairsville and Summerhill to name a few. Look for some Tomahawks stopping by your house in the next few days!

Day 20: Johnstown Inclined Plane

Monday, August 26 – Johnstown Inclined Plane

Today a few players took the time to EXPERIENCE Johnstown by discovering the Johnstown Inclined Plane for the first time. Returner Jake Fairchild and Tomahawks newcomers (all from Michigan) Alex Jaeckle, Shane Bednard and Eric Tien went to the World's Steepest Vehicular Inclined Plane to take in the view!

Day 21: Planet Ice Public Skate

Sunday, August 25 – Chopper Public Skate

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, Chopper kept cool working on his conditioning and skating during Public Skate at Planet Ice! He took to the ice with a bunch of the Lady Jets Hockey players and helped raise some money for their program too with a portion of today's admission going back to the Lady Jets! Thanks to Planet Ice and all the skaters who joined Chopper for today's skate!

Day 22: Lift Johnstown "Share-the-Lane" Bike Painting Project

Saturday, August 24 – Lift Johnstown "Share-the-Lane" Bike Painting Project

Today Account Executive, Katie Saylor gathered up her brother Nick, friend Miranda, former intern and new Season Ticket Holders Lindsey and her boyfriend John to represent the Tomahawks at the Lift Johnstown "Share-the-Lane" Bike painting project in the Kernsville section of Johnstown. There were over 10 different groups and more than 100 incoming UPJ Freshman helping paint lanes, clean the local church and pick weeds. Thanks to Lift Johnstown for including us in this great project!

Day 23: St. Vincent DePaul Family Kitchen

Friday, August 23 – St. Vincent De Paul Food Kitchen

Today Tomahawks Staff went and volunteered at the St. Vincent DePaul Family Kitchen on Bedford Street.  Players will be volunteering at the food kitchen throughout the season but were too busy with hockey today so staff and interns volunteered instead.  Thank you to everyone at the Family Kitchen for welcoming us today!

Day 24: The Learning Lamp

Thursday, August 22 – Learning Lamp Reading

Today players made a visit to the kids at the Learning Lamp in Richland. Tristan Ramage, Colin DeAugustine, Alex Okicki, JB Baker, Trevor Recktenwald and Chopper read some books, played a few games like Simon Says and Heads-Up Seven-Up and then did a few hockey drills! Thanks to all the kids and staff at the Learning Lamp for the warm welcome today! 

Day 25: Open House / Select-A-Seat

Wednesday, August 21 – Open House / Select–A–Seat

Day 25: Open House is all finished up and we would like to thank all our great fans that came out to meet the new team, talk with the coaches, purchased new season tickets and merchandise! We would like to congratulate our summer interns who put on tonight's event as their final project! Check back later when we post more pics from tonight and few special videos!

Day 26: Children's Aid Home of Somerset

Tuesday, August 20 – Children’s Aid Home of Somerset

After practice and circuit workout a few of the players went to Somerset to visit the Children's Aid Home. Players interacted with staff and kids playing games like ping-pong and shooting pool! We would like to thank the Children's Aid Home for inviting us to Somerset!   

Day 27: Preseason Prep Camp and Quaker Steak & Lube

Monday, August 19 - Preseason Prep Camp and Quaker Steak & Lube

Today marked the first day of Training Camp.  Their day started early as Assitant Coach Mike is holding an early (7:30 a.m.) Pre Season Prep Camp for local Bantam and Midgets hockey players to get back into shape and ready for their upcoming season with the help of a few Tomahawks players all week long.  At 9 a.m. Training Camp opened and all Tomahawks players took to the ice for their first practice.  Practice was followed by off-ice testing to see how hard players worked in the off season.  Players then grabbed a quick lunch and returned to Planet Ice as it was picture day.  Players finished their day having a team meal at Quaker Steak & Lube which was full of laughs, pranks and singing!  Only Day 1 of Training Camp and this season already feels like we're in full swing of things!

Day 28: J.A.H.A. Back 2 School Bash

Sunday, August 18 – J.A.H.A. Back 2 School Bash

The 1st Annual Johnstown Area Heritage Association Back 2 School Bash was a geat success!  Kids and families lined up early to be the first 100 kids inside the park to receive a B2SB backpack filled with basic school supplies and there were also 100 Tomahawks Vouchers to be found at the event! Lots of area educational programs were there including The Learning Lamp and Beginnings with fun activities for kids! Tomahawks players kept busy signing lots of autographs for kids! Congrats to J.A.H.A. on a great event for all the local kids to be apart of!

Day 29: Nanty Glo 100th Fire Co. Celebration & Parade

Saturday, August 17 – Nanty Glo Fire Co. Parade

Players and Chopper met with fan in the Fire Hall, signed autographs starting at 3 p.m. then Tomahawks returner, Nitch Hall, convinced the Fire Chief to allow the players to ride on the top of the fire trucks! Great event and the Tomahawks would like to thank all the people in Nanty Glo for the warm welcome!

Day 30: Richland Community Days

Friday, August 16 – Richland Community Days (& Saturday, August 17)

Tomahawks Staff & Players had a booth under the Community Tent handing out information and raffling off chances to win Tomahawks Corn Hold Boards for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's 14th Annual Light The Night Walk, October 5 at UPJ Campus.  There was great food, live entertainment and fun activities for the whole family all weekend long!  Thank you East Hills Recreation for allowing us to be apart of the great weekend!


Experience 30 Days in the Community

Johnstown Tomahawks Foundation

April 12, 2013          


Tomahawks Conclude Successful Inaugural Season

with Over $25,000 in Donations

The Johnstown Tomahawks Foundation provided assistance to more than

15 local and regional charitable and non-profit organizations.


Johnstown, Pa. – The Johnstown Tomahawks are proud to announce the Johnstown Tomahawks Foundation (JTF), directly donated and assisted with donations exceeding $25,000 during the inaugural 2012-2013 season. By providing both donations and assisting with community events, the team contributed to over 15 local charitable, non-profit, and youth hockey organizations.


Among these organizations are the Special Olympics of Western PA, Conemaugh Health Foundation Cancer Fund, Planet Ice Arena – Ziggy’s Kids Hockey Program, Portage School SAAD, Johnstown Police K-9 Unit, the Tomahawks Booster Club, and the Forest Hills Girls Varsity Volleyball Event, “Spike Autism.”


The Tomahawks are committed to helping improve the Greater Johnstown community through the JTF, which not only provides its unique resources and financial support to local charitable organizations, but also implements its own fundraisers, community programs, 50/50 Raffles, and special charity events. Led by a dedicated community Board of Directors and administered by the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies (CFA), the JTF continues to develop numerous programs and partnerships that target those who most need support.


“It’s been wonderful to see the Tomahawks enthusiasm to give back to our community,” said CFA President Mike Kane. “The organization made a significant economical impact in their first season. The staff, coaches, and players’ commitment to the region has been tremendous.”


The Tomahawks continue their charitable efforts in the off-season, accepting donation and event requests throughout the spring and summer. More information about how to apply for assistance from the Johnstown Tomahawks Foundation can be found under the community tab of or by calling the team’s offices at (814) 536-4625.

Special Olympics of Western PA – Total - $1,700.00

Conemaugh Health Foundation Cancer Fund  - $2,500.00

Richland High School AFTER PROM PARTY – $1,025.00

Johnstown Lady Jets - $650.00

Johnstown Jets - $250.00

Johnstown Warriors - $550.00

Westmont Hockey - $100.00

Alternative Community Resource Program - $500.00

Cuddles for Kids - $100.00

Planet Ice Arena– Ziggy’s Kids Hockey Program - $1,800.00

Jr Achievement of Western PA - $715.00 

Portage school & Portage SAAD - $780.00

Chealsea's Hope Charity - $450.00

Johnstown Police K-9 Unit $450.00

Johnstown Tomahawks Booster Club - $10,070.00

Flood City Youth Fitness Academy- $600  

"Spike Autism" Event - $4,100

Eagle View Elementary School

On Monday, Dec. 17, Tomahawks players headed to Eagle View Elementary School in Somerset to visit with students and read to them.

Johnstown Christmas Parade

Chopper and representatives from the Tomahawks were happy to be a part of Johnstown's annual Christmas parade on Monday, Dec. 4. Fans and other residents walking in the parade were excited to see Chopper, who was happy to pose for photos and even hopped into the firetruck and directed the Greater Johnstown High School Marching Band as they practiced before the parade.

Christian Home of Johnstown

Mike Sandor visits with a basket winner.

On Saturday, Nov. 17, Tomahawks players and Chopper visited the Christian Home of Johnstown to help with its 3rd Annual Christmas for Children Basket Party along with the Knights of Columbus. The players visited with attendees and helped deliver baskets to the winners as they were announced.

The Christian Home of Johnstown has been providing shelter for young people ages 10-18 for over 100 years.

Veterans Day Parade

The Tomahawks took part in Johnstown's annual Veterans Day Parade on Monday, November 12.

Meet & Greet

On Wednesday, November 7, Tomahawks players, coaches, and staff headed to the Johnstown Inn for a Meet & Greet Dinner. The players enjoyed pizza, salad, and wings at two large tables, talking and laughing while also meeting with fans, signing autographs, and taking photos. Chopper also got in on the action, sitting down at several tables to listen to kids share their love of the game and visiting with fans.

Haunted House of Hockey

On Tuesday, October 30, the team partnered with the American Red Cross to help support its blood drive, which took place in the lobby of the War Memorial Arena. Several of the players, including Chris Truehl, Mitch Kontny, and JB Baker gave blood and enjoyed the pizza and cupcakes provided by the Red Cross.

The team decorated the visiting locker room, creating a delightfully terrifying “Haunted House of Hockey” for those fans daring enough to enter. Several of the players and staff blended into the background and waited to provide scares, screams, and a few laughs for their fans. Upon exiting, fans were escorted to the team’s official locker room where they would meet players, take photos, and sign autographs.

Kristaps Bazevics got into the Halloween spirit and proved to be a good actor, scaring fans as they entered the locker room.

JB Baker gave blood before providing more than a few screams for fans.

Halloween Parade

This October, the Tomahawks got into the spirit of the season by participating in two Halloween-themed events, one of which helped support a particularly good cause in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

On Thursday, October 25, the team proved it can never forget about hockey or its game-day routines for too long, even when away from the rink. While waiting for the Johnstown Halloween parade to begin, many of the players formed a circle to play a slightly modified version of sewer ball, which many of them play outside the team’s locker room in order to warm-up before games. The Lady Jets, who play hockey as part of a program designed for young women and girls, even got in on the action. The Lady Jets float was stationed next to the Thomas Buick GMC truck that would carry the Tomahawks, so the guys invited the ladies to join in on the fun.

The team paid tribute to Johnstown hockey history and the movie Slapshot with their attire: They wore thick, taped, black-rimmed glasses and foiled their fists, recalling the look made iconic by the Hanson brothers.

The players, who have been vocal about how happy they've been with the community's support of their team, were once again blown away by the number of fans calling their names and shouting out cheers of "Let's Go Hawks!" as they passed.

Young children calling out for Chopper and telling various Tomahawks how excited they've been to watch the team play at home served as just a few of many moments over the past months that have made it clear that Johnstown deserves its descriptor as a big hockey town and one that will throw its support behind the young men who are working hard to live their dream.

Jeff Bergh pays tribute to Slapshot.

Players "Score with Books"

In October, Tomahawks players helped students at Blacklick Valley Elementary School to "score with books." Mitch Kontny, Jeff Bergh, Chris Truehl, Brandon Reinholz read to kids and signed autographs as part of the school's family reading night promoting literacy.

Pink at the Rink Weekend

The Tomahawks, in partnership with Conemaugh Health System, held “Pink at the Rink” Weekend on Friday Oct. 19 and Saturday Oct. 20 when the team played the Sault Ste. Marie Eagles. The two-game homestand honored cancer caregivers, survivors, and their families, and the proceeds from the games went to the Conemaugh Health Foundation’s Cancer Fund.

For both games, the War Memorial Arena ice was flooded pink and the Tomahawks wore specialty jerseys that were auctioned off on Saturday following the game. The profits from these game-worn jerseys, “Cluck-a-Puck,” and 50/50 raffles all go to the Cancer Fund.

Goaltender Collin Brennan was solid between the pipes all weekend.

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Visits

Over two weeks leading to the team's "Pink at the Rink" Weekend, players spent a couple afternoons at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center to talk with patients, nurses, doctors, and other staff members. They guys visited with patients in multiple areas of the hospital, including pediatric and adults cancer units. The players spent time discussing hockey, the Tomahawks, Johnstown, and their own hometowns with patients. Chopper also came along for the visit, getting quite a few laughs and smiles throughout the day.

Chris Truehl, Mike Sandor, and Kristaps Bazevics visit with a patient.

Guns & Hoses

The Johnstown Tomahawks were proud to hold the First Annual Guns & Hoses Charity Game on Saturday, Oct. 6 following the Tomahawks matchup against the Janesville Jets. The event, which honored local heroes in the Greater Johnstown community, was an exhibition game between members of local police, fire, and EMS departments. It was free and open to the public.

Throughout the Tomahawks game, volunteers and representatives from multiple local departments sold Chuck-a-Pucks and 50/50 tickets, the proceeds of which benefited Special Olympics Pennsylvania-Cambria County. Also going to the charity was $1 from each ticket sold to groups of 10 or more who purchase seats in the Sideline and Endzone.

The team also held its first jersey auction of the season in conjunction with Guns & Hoses Night. Fans had the opportunity to bid on specialty jerseys worn by Tomahawks players during the weekend's games. The proceeds once again went to the Special Olympics Pennsylvania – Cambria County.

Cody Gylling and Ian Spencer model the Guns & Hoses jerseys.

Richland Community Days

The Johnstown Tomahawks were thrilled to participate in Richland Community Days in August. Every summer at the corner of Schoolhouse Road and Theatre Drive, Richland Township hosts the free event, which includes live music, food, a parade, fireworks, and activities for the entire family.

Cambria County President Commissioner Douglas Lengenfelder welcomed the players to Johnstown following the Richland Community Days Parade

Altoona Curve Game

The Tomahawks and their season ticket holders headed to Peoples Natural Gas Field in Altoona to watch the Curve take on the Richmond Flying Squirrels. The evening served as a wonderful opportunity for prospects, coaches, and staff to meet more members of the community and build team chemistry as they took in the Curve’s 2-1 victory at the beautiful ballpark. The Tomahawks were happy to provide free tickets to the team’s season ticket holders, who enjoyed meeting the prospects and cheering on the Curve.